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Friday, 18 November 2016

Another family of 13 children

I posted too soon.
Charles Edwin Gidley born 1846 in Limehouse, in the East End of London, and his first wife, Jessie Matilda Garland, born about 1848 in London, also had 13 children.
They are as follows:
1. Charles William Gidley 1869-1895
2. Walter Thomas Gidley 1870-1871
3. Jessie Lilian Gidley 1872 (married Robert Laidlaw)
4. Lucy Maud Gidley 1874-1884
5. Emma Elizabeth Gidley 1875-1876
6. George William Gidley 1877-1878
7. Augustus George Gidley 1879-1925
8. Sydney Herbert Gidley 1881-1917
9. Frederick Richard Edwin Gidley 1884-1865
10. Leonard James Arthur Gidley 1885-1954
11. Montague Henry Gidley 1887-1929
12. Horace Stanley Gidley 1888-1975
13. Louisa Alice Gidley 1890-1890

I have posted about this family before. See the blog entries of June 2014 for Sydney Herbert Gidley, and for February 2014 for Augustus George Gidley.
Sadly, only one year after the birth and death of their 13th child in Plumstead, Kent, Jessie and Charles Edwin were no longer living together. In the 1891 census Charles Edwin has re-crossed the Thames, back to his East End roots, and was described as an engine fitter, Woolwich Arsenal. He was living with his brother George, in West Ham. He  remained working as an engineer and only two years after this census his first child with his second wife, Eliza Anderson, his brother's stepdaughter, was born. There were six subsequent children, giving him 20 children in total, which must surely be a Gidley record.
Jessie Matilda Gidley, his first wife, remained on the south side of the Thames in Plumstead, where her four youngest children were living with her in 1891 at 77 Conway Road. She is not to be found in the 1901 census but her death was registered in Strood, Kent in 1907. She had probably been living with her only surviving daughter, Jessie Laidlaw, whose family were in Strood in the 1911 census.
A house in Conway Road, Plumstead
This left the way clear for her estranged husband to marry Eliza Anderson. He had gone through a church ceremony with her in 1905 in St John's, Hackney, before Jessie's death, knocking ten years off his age and calling himself a widower, but they were legally able to marry in the December quarter of 1907 in West Ham registration district. Charles died in 1935, and his second wife, Eliza, in 1943. Charles' surviving children have left many descendants.
He and Richard Gidley of the previous post about large families were 5th cousins once removed, so it is extremely unlikely they knew of each other.

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