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Sunday, 20 November 2016

A family of 14

I suppose I should have expected this.
Once again the parents were born in the 1840s and their children at similar dates to the previous three extra large families. The parents are George Gidley and Eliza Vicary and  their children were all born in the Plymouth, Devon area, between 1869 and 1890.

1. Eliza Jane Gidley 1869 (married Thomas Baker)
2. Rosina Maud Gidley 1870 (not found after 1891)
3. Rhoda Gidley 1871-1876
4. Maria Georgina Gidley 1873 (married Arthur Ernest Dinham)
5. George William Henry Gidley 1875-1878
6. John Charles Henry Gidley 1878-1920s in USA)
7. William Samuel Gidley 1880-1882
8. Florence Mary Gidley 1882 (married Richard Frederick Higgins)
9. Emily Louisa M Gidley 1883 (married Edward Crabb)
10. Beatrice Louisa Gidley 1885 (married John Rowe)
11. Eva Eveline Gidley 1886 (married William James Hutchings)
12. George Joseph Victor Gidley 1888-1888
13. Ethel Maud Gidley 1890 (married Arthur John Burnell)

And final update, I hope:
14. Margaret Elsie Gidley 1891-1892.
This has to be the largest Gidley family.

HMS Agincourt
Father George Gidley was born in Buckfastleigh, Devon in 1842. His naval record begins in January 1858 when he enlisted in the Royal Navy, and the censuses show he progressed to becoming an Able Seaman. He was a Leading Seaman on HMS Agincourt, which was stranded on Pearl Rock, near Gibraltar, in 1871, and at the ensuing court martial gave evidence as the leadsman in the chains. By 1881 he was a naval pensioner and died in 1914. Eliza, his wife, died in 1900, presumably worn out with bringing up the children single-handed. I can't help thinking that the regular births of his children meant he can't have made too many round the world trips.

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